Yellow, Black and White Creative Happiness

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I must say that a rich yellow has always been a “go to” colour for me.  When doing graphic design, I would often turn to it to just give the design that little push and highlight it needed to make it work.  There are a few colour combinations that I really like to work with and yellows and oranges are definitely up there with my most faves.  This was a happy layout to do, mostly I am sure because of the colouring, but also because it just all came together so nicely.

I am also a fan of bikes, I have ephemera, chipboard pieces, dies, papers and more.  I love bikes, perhaps it is about the freedom they represent.  As kids, we lived on our bikes, in fact, if we didn’t look after them and left them outside, there was the threat of them being hoisted to the roof of the shed so we could only look and not touch.  Anyway, I lived on my bike, I was the Queen of riding no hands and we rode everywhere.  We were so fit and healthy, with monstrous appetites to match.

So, I spied this cool paper and then had a flip through the stencils to see what to use, for once the stencil with modelling paste worked perfectly.  Once dry, I did some spraying and then traced around the modelling paste pattern roughly with a black pen, I just wanted it to stand out and not get lost.  Using the angles, I built my photo matt and then raised it up with some cardboard underneath.  I don’t do flat layouts, why do flat when there is so much to play with.  On goes the ephemera, lots of flowers and some bling and we are done. This is my entry for the May 15 Let’s Get Sketchy Challenge.  I know, I am a little bit ahead, but that is always a good thing.


Created by Jacobi

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