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Fun at the Beach

Of all the places to go on holiday, the beach is without doubt, my most favourite.  I am drawn to the water, I find it therapeutic and I want for nothing else when near it.  I can sit and watch the movement of water for hours and not even notice.  I marvel at it because it can never be that exact shape again.  As a kid, my Dad built a 50ft motor cruiser sailboat and my place was up on the bow just watching the waves as they crashed over as we journeyed out to somewhere, anywhere.  I do intend... read more

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A book box…work in progress

  This is a book box and it is a work in progress, but the top is finished.  All inspired by the wooden corset from... read more

Purple and Bling was the Brief

My sister asked me to do a layout for her daughter who loves purple and bling, so, tick and tick. I love my silhouette machines... read more