Of all the places to go on holiday, the beach is without doubt, my most favourite.  I am drawn to the water, I find it therapeutic and I want for nothing else when near it.  I can sit and watch the movement of water for hours and not even notice.  I marvel at it because it can never be that exact shape again.  As a kid, my Dad built a 50ft motor cruiser sailboat and my place was up on the bow just watching the waves as they crashed over as we journeyed out to somewhere, anywhere.  I do intend to live at the beach, just need to take my 40 chickens with me somehow.  

I always find papers that have things on them specifically laid out to be quite difficult to work with.  I much prefer patterns.  However, I thought that I could make this one work and gave it a go.  I knew I wanted to use some shells … I have a few from many beach walks over the years.  I dug through my ephemera to find a few beachy pieces and created my photo matts.  I always struggle with photo matts, not really sure what my issue is, but I do have issues with making them and of course, I made these and they were too big and so there was lots of ripping, scraping, curling and colouring to get them to work just right and go together.  I also found some curly wood shaving things that worked quite perfectly and dropped a few teeny tiny shells throughout.

All finished now and it just look so cute and it all worked well together.  Shells amaze me, the way they know to curl this way and that, put some pokey things there and then colour themselves so beautifully and perfectly.  Way cool.  My favourite part is the sign I made with “Life’s a Beach”.

Created by Jacobi

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