Today I have been playing around with my photography skills, just working on making the photo’s look more creative.  I have this beautiful wooden chest that we found in the local ‘scab grab’ (rubbish on the streets for council pickup).  I use that as my background, normally I use it outside, but today I brought it inside and put it all under lights.  A few more decorations along the wood in front of the page is an absolutely gorgeous touch.

The first page created is for a friend of my daughters, I am yet to print the photo, but the picture is from a holiday she and her fiance recently took.  My daughter asked me to do up the picture for her and it is just so happy and friendly.  I had much fun using the new Lindy’s Magical Shakers in the background with some pink at the bottom and then using the two different blues in the middle, along with some texture paste to create the horizon wave and then a little bit of yellow and pink above that.

I then created a photo matt for the picture to sit on and raided my shell collection and my ephemera. I really do like doing anything with the beach theme, as the beach is most certainly my favourite place on earth.  I don’t mind which beach, anywhere in the world is fine with me.  It is a really sweet and happy layout, using my favourite blues as well.  I used some gloss crackle on the little hearts and the non-crackle gloss on the thongs, starfish and little anchor – this always adds a nice touch.

The second design is one for the chief scrapbooker duties for my niece.  I also use it as part of my Let’s Get Sketchy layout for June.  It is just so pretty and I always like layouts with a brownish toning to them, but the orange and all the colouring is just awesome.  I do like this layout very much.

Created by Jacobi

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