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Getting sketchy

I wanted to join and be a part of a design team, simply for the challenge and fun of being part of a group of likeminded creatives.  I was just going through my emails after a somewhat tumultuous week last week and I find that I have been accepted after applying for this with Let’s get Sketchy.  I was so pleased to read the email and be accepted.  I am sitting here creating anyway, so I might as well have my talent, such that it is, be of benefit to someone.  Thanks LGS, I will ensure I do you proud.

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Time spent with others

Yesterday I attended my first scrapbooking/mixed media workshop yesterday with FN workshops at a square dance hall in Logan for the afternoon/evening. A great time... read more

A book box…work in progress

  This is a book box and it is a work in progress, but the top is finished.  All inspired by the wooden corset from... read more

A little box of prettiness

Of all the colours I love to design with, this blue is surely it!  It is just such a pretty, happy and refreshing colour.  This... read more