After attending a weekend workshop, I have discovered that I am a by myself crafter, meaning I prefer to craft alone or at least craft at home.  I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, but I like to take my jolly sweet time and think and try things and experiment.  I need to have everything I can remember I own at my disposal.  I can say it is just me, but I know there are more like me out there.

Anyway, we did two double page layouts and the first one had these awesome papers that are nice and dark and lent themselves to brown tonings.  It all worked together really nicely and I am finally managing to get things finished.  I also purchased a couple of does at the workshop and one makes the brown spiky flower you can see prominently on the foreground.  Almost finished, just finalising one of them and then I move onto the one whose colours I did not like at all…

I did not mind the green, but the salmon colour with it, well, hmmmm, not really my cup of tea.  However, I do like a challenge and so I am determined to make it work and so making this all come together is my next project.

So stoked, I cleaned up my craft area yesterday, everything works so much better for me, less stuff on my desk and things fitted and sorted in better ways.  I am a tad exhausted today, but it’s worth it.

Created by Jacobi

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