I am working on a groovy project at the moment to showcase some amazing school themed papers and things by Fabscraps. It is currently a work in progress and it is my first major 3-D project with lots of elements. I am loving it and finding it quite challenging as I am not dainty, fiddle design girl.
So far, I have made the teachers desk, student desk with lid that opens, probably going to make a few of those. The groovy bus with my Fabscraps passengers, backpack card and a blackboard that is currently MIA.

I am going to create an entire classroom diorama I suppose, just for fun. It is all kind of cute and I am just working out how to tie it all together. This is currently my favourite thing.

This little vase brings me nothing but sheer delight. I just love little things. When I was a kid, I had to do lots of local flying and whenever we would come into land I would look at the “mini town” below and imagine being a giant and playing with it all. I really wanted that to happen and was so disappointed as everything got bigger the closer I got.
Anyway, off to continue on with my project.

Created by Jacobi

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  1. chark

    so great! love all the little furniture!

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